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With our LOL Smurfs and Iron 4 Accounts you are guaranteed to stay ahead of the competition in the Market! Our Accounts are Made by a Private Software which ensures Quality over Quantity. Perfect Scores, Good CSing, Good Pathing, Advanced AI, Self-Adaptive Behaviour, Anything you could ever wish for in your new Smurf to Ensure your Safety after Purchase and Maximize the Satisfaction to the Fullest ensuring your enjoyment.

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We are LOL Smurfs our Selves, as such we know what you are looking for! You wish High Quality for affordable Price. You are at a perfect place for that. Buying LOL Smurf Accounts was never easier and more affordable. To discover more about us, please read a little thread about us by clicking button below and Meet the Team behind the Dream!

Here's what our Business Partners say

”Awesome team who strives to offer best service and accounts, I am very satisfied with their work and quality!”

- Cordinator

I am a big purchaser of iron accounts from this seller, I've currently had no banned accounts , amazing prices and fast delivery, fantastic customer service.

- Psycho: UltraSmurfs

Outstanding accounts, rivaling handlvl quality, perhaps even better. Iron accs are done by hand too. Bought a few accounts for personal testing and everything went smooth, and have been told they offer lifetime warranty as well.

- Z2U Marketplace Professional

”Every day, they strive to improve their service to the clients by developing the right blend of software and creativity to make sure every job done is done as efficiently as possible.”

- G2G Marketplace Professional

Excellence comes when we balance quality with quantity.

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